Mavericks CD

Mavericks CD

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The sophmore release from Chillignsworth Surfingham. 

"Chillingshworth knocked it out of the park!"  -  The Dodge City Social Club, 06/15/2024

Chillingsworth Surfingham: Guitars

Percy Surfingham: Drums

Bartholomew Surfingham: Bass

Basil Surfingham: Guitars

All songs written by Chillingsworth Surfingham (BMI)

Recorded live (mostly) at GetReel studios in San Francisco, CA

  1. Emergency Bear

  2. Nancy Drew Mysteries

  3. Snail Shell Stomp

  4. Fjords

  5. The Dangerous Sea

  6. Top Fuel Showdown

  7. Rubber Sneakers 

  8. Courtesy Star

  9. Thinking of You

  10. Tater Tots

  11. Lazy Afternoon Feels

  12. Flat at Dawn

Produced by Chillingsworth Surfingham

Engineered by Rob Preston

Mastered by Dave Klein 

Art: Adam “adoom” Cusack

Album layout: Greg Humphrey

Thanks to: Rob Preston, Greg Humphrey, Steven Wilson, Adam “adoom” Cusack, Nancy Alegria, Todd Seeley, Ed McEachron, Chris Lopez, CJ & Winter’s Tavern, Big Tiki Dude (Jeff), Cousin Mary, and all the bands, people and musicians we’ve been lucky to play with and meet!

Special thanks to: John Ashfield, Rob Jacobs, Pat Ennis and Lewis Bailey.